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iPhone 4(S) rear apple illumination modification

iPatch is very proud to announce it has released a custom modification to the iPhone 4 and 4S which illuminates the rear apple logo at the same time as the front screen

The mod is now available to customers visiting the store or posting their handset in only as the mod needs to be specially fitted. Cost is £60 (plus postage if required) and takes around an hour to install. A video of the prototype can be found on YouTube here. The following are answers to FAQ's:

  • It is available on iPhone 4 and 4S at a cost of £60 fully fitted (1 hour to fit)
  • It has had no noticable drop in battery performance in day to day use
  • It does not cause any heating of the rear case
  • The light goes off when the screen goes off. This means it will not glow when you are on a normal call and have the phone to your ear or have the phone on standby
  • The light effect is an evenly distributed glow, much like the apple symbol on the rear of a macbook lid and not like the cheaper copy mods
  • It does illuminate when you receive a text or call, or when your alarm sounds
  • It does not cause any change in thickness to the phone or result in any light leakage around the frame
  • The glass plate used is that from a standard iPhone 4 and is, therefore, available in black and white only
  • The colour of the apple logo can be changed by applying a colour filter and its intensity can be reduced by reducing the front LCD brightness
  • The camera function is completely unaffected either with or without flash
  • Fitting is only available in store
  • It will void any warranty with apple but the modification is fully reversible, returning the iPhone exactly back to how it was (at a smaller additional cost)
  • It will come with iPatch's standard 90 day warranty so if anything goes wrong, you are covered
  • International orders are welcomed although please be aware of the delivery scale and costs
  • It looks, quite frankly, awesome!

iPatch does endevour to reply to as many enquiries as possible if the above doesn't answer your question.

Please note that this mod holds full international copyright with regards to its parts and fitting. Any attempt to have this mod fitted and then disassembled for the purpose of publishing on YouTube and/or attempting to copy the mod will be result in immediate legal proceedings. If you are not happy with this, then stick to the cheap rip off's that other companies attempted

Please do not attempt to send us your device without advanced notification!

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